Residential: 7.6 cents/kWh *
Commercial: 7.4 cents/kWh **

CLICK HERE - Savings Calculator

Pre-Enrollment Checklist

1) Before you enroll grab your most current electric bill and calculate your saving, click Savings Calculator

2) Email a PDF copy of your most current electric bill all pages to:

3) Enter the REFERRER Name/Phone on the Enrollment Form.

4) For a switch order you do not need to call your current electric company to Stop/Cancel your power because we will do that for you.

5) The membership fee for a residential account is $186 per 6-months pay upfront with credit card.

6) The membership fee for a small commercial account is $517 per 12-months pay upfront with credit card.**

7) The membership fee is paid back by savings within 3-months and in many cases within 1-month.

8) If you are currently in a contract and you break it, your electric company will charge you a cancellation fee. But, if your saving is much more compared to the cancellation fee and the membership fee combined than breaking your contract is a smart choice.

Step 1 - Your Information